light as a cloud ☁
28 years | 5' 4" | HW: 133 | LW: 102
SW: 124 on Jan.03.2012 and again Apr.09.2013 at 119.5
CW: 102 as of Jan.24.2014
GW1: 115 reached on May.16.2013
GW2: 110 reached on Jun.27.2013
GW3: 105 reached on Nov.02.2013
GW4: 100 doesn't matter anymore.
✰UGW: Until I see ab definition, six pack please :)

I’m no longer interested in documenting the food I eat on IG or Twitter. I don’t really care about the trends that are happening at the moment. I don’t even weigh myself as much as I used to. I’m just not interested in a lot of things at the moment and it’s a crappy feeling. Everything is too routine right now. I need a nice change in my life.

I guess the sad reality is, it’s going to take more than just food to make me smile nowadays.



Aristocrazy 2013