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28 years | 5' 4" | HW: 133 | LW: 102
SW: 124 on Jan.03.2012 and again Apr.09.2013 at 119.5
CW: 102 as of Jan.24.2014
GW1: 115 reached on May.16.2013
GW2: 110 reached on Jun.27.2013
GW3: 105 reached on Nov.02.2013
GW4: 100 doesn't matter anymore.
✰UGW: Until I see ab definition, six pack please :)


We Heart It.

What is wrong with my body?

I wake up with headaches every morning for the past three weeks.

Sometimes I feel a cramp at the back of my head. Like someone is literally plucking at my brain.

I don’t have an appetite but I forced myself to eat Greek salad anyway.

Then I threw up 30 minutes later and had the runs.

I can just pass out at my workstation right now.

All I want to do is cuddle and sleep for days.

But WHY is this even happening?

Okay, so my boyfriend is going to take up that one month job in Cambridge, he’ll be living there alone, away from home… but now a girl I knew from high school is also doing this on call job and wants to have a roommate to split the living costs. She asked me if either of us would be okay that they live together for a month to not feel so lonely and to save on costs.

I think I’m really uncomfortable with this idea. First of all, they are both strangers to each other.  Secondly, she’s an attractive, funny and witty girl. She’s just gone through a really messy relationship (required an abortion) and probably needs a rebound. My boyfriend, although he’s loyal to me, I think it would be more difficult not falling for a girl like her.

Lack of confidence on my part maybe? Should I even let this happen? He would save a lot of money. This could be a good test to our relationship. I mean, find out now before later right?



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