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28 years | 5' 4" | HW: 133 | LW: 102
SW: 124 on Jan.03.2012 and again Apr.09.2013 at 119.5
CW: 102 as of Jan.24.2014
GW1: 115 reached on May.16.2013
GW2: 110 reached on Jun.27.2013
GW3: 105 reached on Nov.02.2013
GW4: 100 doesn't matter anymore.
✰UGW: Until I see ab definition, six pack please :)

Okay, so my boyfriend is going to take up that one month job in Cambridge, he’ll be living there alone, away from home… but now a girl I knew from high school is also doing this on call job and wants to have a roommate to split the living costs. She asked me if either of us would be okay that they live together for a month to not feel so lonely and to save on costs.

I think I’m really uncomfortable with this idea. First of all, they are both strangers to each other.  Secondly, she’s an attractive, funny and witty girl. She’s just gone through a really messy relationship (required an abortion) and probably needs a rebound. My boyfriend, although he’s loyal to me, I think it would be more difficult not falling for a girl like her.

Lack of confidence on my part maybe? Should I even let this happen? He would save a lot of money. This could be a good test to our relationship. I mean, find out now before later right?



[HQ] Jiyeon for ELLE Korea - 2500 x 3235

안소희. Ahn So Hee

Orange and Avocado Salad…RECIPE